Extreme Pressure Grease

SPEL EP GREASE is a lithium soap thickened grease containing Extreme Pressure (EP) Additives for enhanced load bearing capabilities. These greases are formulated from low volatile high viscosity index mineral oils, superior fats/fatty acids and a synergistic blend of safe, non-leaded additives for optimum performance.

SPEL Extreme Pressure EP Grease Litholex EPP is recommended for centralized lubrication systems and all types of bearings operating under heavy loads or under excessively wet conditions. It is also recommended for universal joints and spline shafts working under heavy torque or with acute transmission angles or with frequent angle variation and bearings / splines prone to developing fretting corrosion or accelerated wear.


SPEL EP Grease Extreme Pressure Litholex EPP Grease are recommended for various heavy duty industrial applications, particularly recommended for general purpose use in steel, cement and paper plants, mining and heavy industries and automotive units for all types of bearings, couplings, and sliding mechanisms.


  • Multifunctional products with enhanced extreme pressure capabilities
  • Enhanced extreme pressure capabilities to protect against wear under heavily loaded conditions
  • Highly resistant to water; provide adequate protection against rust and oxidation