Polytetrafloureten (PTFE) is a polymer (plastic) with a very low friction coefficient. PTFE is used as a thickener in high temperature and chemically inert greases.

SPEL PTFE Grease TEF is a white-coloured grease with PTFE specially formulated for use on most mechanisms: sliding guides, chains, open gears, plain bearings used in industry and in particular in the food sector.

This Grease formulated with activated PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) & selected additives, it can be used almost any greasing application to improve lubrication and reduce temperature and wear, gives corrosion protection and water repellent properties.


PTFE is the slipperiest substance known to science which provides the lowest co-efficient of friction. The activated PTFE forms a protective film on all the metal surfaces, parts of the inner hub & bearing thereby giving total protection to the metal surfaces, bearings and enhancing the lubrication by eliminating friction to near zero levels.

This High Temperature, High Pressure PTFE Grease can be used in a vast verity of applications in Industries, Heavy Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Universal Joints, Wheel Bearings, Leaf Springs, Kingpins Chassis, Tow Balls, Water Pumps, Turn-tables, Clutch release Bearings, Ball Joints etc.

T Flon is particularly effective under severe conditions, in humid environments and weak acidic and basic atmospheres. T Flon is recommended for use in an environment that must be kept clean.