Automatic Transmission Fluid

The purpose of a transmission fluid is to cool and lubricate, ensuring smooth performance of your vehicle. The quality of your transmission fluid is especially important in rigorous driving conditions such as heavy loads, steep terrain, continuous operation and lots of starts and stops. Automatic transmissions are now more complex than ever, placing ever-greater demands on auto transmission fluids. In fact, the automatic transmission is perhaps the most complicated mechanical component in an automobile.

SPEL offers are wide array of full synthetic and conventional transmission fluids in ATF, CVT, DEXRON®, and MERCON® formulations that meet the manufacturer specifications of most vehicles on the road today. Find the right transmission product for your vehicle.

Helps provide excellent oxidation and friction stability, plus anti-wear properties.

SPEL ATF 20 Transmission Oil

SPEL ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid is a premium quality transmission oil formulated from high quality hydro treated base stocks & American Technology Additive Package to meet the performance requirements of international standards for transmission oil. Its excellent friction modification characteristics couples with shear ability makes it capable of providing ultimate protection to parts of transmission that are faced with friction.

APPLICATION: Recommended for all automatic transmission and power steering units of automobiles, light trucks and other vehicles with similar operating conditions.

SPECIFICATION: Equivalent to standard of (i) Ford ESW-M2C33-F & ESW-M2C33-G (ii) Volvo 97330

SPEL Transmission Oil Trans Fluid C 410, C 430 & C450

SPEL TRANS-FLUID 410, 430 & 450 transmission fluids are suitable for use in a range of heavy duty transmissions, torque converters and marine gears. These oils are Transmission Oils that meet C-4 service classification of Allison Transmission division. They have an added advantage over conventional C-3 series. These oils meet severe oxidation stability and superior no asbestos clutch friction tests. They have fluoro-elastomer seal compatibility and more demanding Anti-Foam and Anti-Copper Corrosion requirements due to superior performance level. These oils give trouble free longer drain period. These oils are recommended for all commercial Power shift Transmissions, Industrial Torque converters and Automatic Transmissions manufactured by Detroit Diesel Allison.


API: CF/CF-2 performance level
ZF TE-ML 01/03
Eaton Fuller
Caterpillar TO-4,
Komatsu Micro-Clutch
Allison C-4
Passed Mack transmission CRC L-60-1 tests required in the API MT-1 specification

SPEL POWER TRANS CATTO 4-50, 10w, 30, 60

SPEL Transmission oils are specially formulated to match heavy duty powershift transmission in Caterpillar equipment and drive train lubricants designed and recommended for applications requiring oils meeting Caterpillar TO-4, TO-4M, Allison C4, TES 439 and ZF-TE-ML 03/07 specifications. SPEL Caterpillar Transmission oils are formulated with premium base stocks and a modern additive system to meet the challenging demands of modern heavy-duty equipment. Available in 3 viscosities and TO-4M multi-grade oil.

SPEL Powershift Transmission Fluid formulated with high performance additive technology that provides improved deposit control, corrosion protection & high load carrying capacity for better equipment protection & smooth operation, gives outstanding yellow metal protection, optimize performance of off-highway transmissions, drive trains, final drive, power shift transmissions, differentials, heavy duty manual transmissions & hydraulic systems meeting the rigorous performance requirement of Caterpillar TO-4, Allison C 4 & other off-road wider fleet coverage construction & mining equipment OEMs performance level. This multi-functional fluid can be used throughout the drive train and hydraulics, wherever high-friction fluids are requested while extending component life.

Caterpillar TO-4, TO-4M, Allison C4, TES 439 and ZF-TE-ML 03/07 specifications

Spel RXCEL Rear Axle Oil For JCB

Modern day trucks & buses are becoming heavier and the need for durability is rising, hence axle fluids are more and more critical for vehicle reliability.

SPEL with over 50 years of experience in developing axle fluids, and being the choice for a large customer base offers a range of axle and universal fluids for your vehicle requirements; providing you the peace of mind that you are getting the right oil for your vehicle and keeping your vehicle on the road longer.

SPEL Rear Axle Oil is a premium quality Transmission Oil specially formulated with high VI based stock fortified with special additive package to prevent Wet Brake Chatter / Squawk, containing Anti-Rust & Corrosion inhibitor, Anti-Foam, suitable for ESCORTS-JCB machinery, earth moving machinery. This is recommended for use in Tractor Transmission, Rear Axle differential equipped with wet brakes and Hydraulic system. This meets MIL L 2105D specs.

Spel ATF Dexron 2

SPEL Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF Dexron II is developed specifically to match the quality of world class standards of transmission oil for use in LCVs requiring Dexron 2 level performance. The premium quality base stock and additive package gives it its signature red colour appearance, known for its low static friction and high oxidative and thermal stability.

APPLICATION: Recommended for use in all kind of vehicles that require Dexron 2 II set by GM, America

Spel ATF Dexron 3 H

SPEL Autumatic Transmission Flid ATF Dexron 3 III H is the most advanced offering in transmission fluid, meeting the highest performance standard for transmiiosn fluid in India set by General Motors, USA.

This is a result of using state of the art additive technilgy based in USA that enables this to used as a transmisiion fluid as well as power steering oil where the performance requirments are of the highest level.

It is known for best in class friction durability, foam control, oxidative stability and good preotection against rust and corsossion.

Longer Service Intervals than GM type A Suffix A, Dex IID/E, Dex IIIF/G fluids.