SPEL Lubricant Additives: Finding the Perfect Solution

You need unique lubricant additive components for a challenging problem. We can help.

The Lubricant Additives business unit’s portfolio includes a broad range of products for use in formulating high performance lubricant and grease for an expansive range of applications, from cars to construction equipment, motorcycles to marine vessels, chain saws to cranes, weed trimmers to wind mills.

All of this is backed by our first-class technical assistance that provides confidence that our products will perform in a variety of operating environments.

Why SPEL Additives?

SPEL Antioxidants to extend lubricant service life

SPEL Dispersants to minimize sludge and deposits

SPEL Antifoams to minimize foam and air entrainment

SPEL Anti-wear additive components to minimize machine wear under extreme conditions

SPEL friction modifiers to reduce friction and enhance fuel efficiency

SPEL Engine oil additives help lower emissions, extend engine life and improve fuel economy.