Thermal Fluid Additives

Designed to provide simplicity to the blender

SPEL Thermic Fluid Additive is a multifunctional additive used for blending and formulating thermic fluids. It is an ashless type heat transfer oil additive package specially formulated for temperature working range from -30 to + 350 °C.

SPEL Thermic Fluid Additive has exceptional heat transfer properties and superior rust and corrosion protection., reduce oxidation and thermal degradation and minimize fouling and deposit formation on internal tubes & contact parts.


BENEFITS of the final blend:

Long Life due high thermal stability

Clean and bright finished parts because of lower carbon deposits

Reduced sensitivity to variable agitation effects.

Exceptional resistance to sludge and deposit formation determined by panel coker test


SPEL Thermic Fluid Additive is suitable with base stocks to prepare ideal thermic fluid for use In indirect closed heat transfer system up to 350 ⁰C. For best life it should be used at or below 300 º C for continuous operation.