Fork Oil

Shock Absorber Oils are required to provide stability to maintain consistent fork operations. SPEL manufactures shock absorber & front fork oil for use in light, heavy vehicles. They are specifically designed to deliver excellent dampening effect in hydraulic front forks of vehicles.

The suspensions in modern bike are subjected to heavy wear and tear, especially in demanding driving conditions of India. This impacts the primary property of shock absorbers: damping action which leads to hard and rough handling creating a unpleasant biking experience.

SPEL Shock Absorber & Front Fork Oil is specially developed for application in front fork assemblies of two wheelers and is recommended for use in the front fork shock assembly of motorcycles. Blended from solvent refined, high viscosity index, chemically stable base oils, which have been further fortified with anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and anti-foam additives, it has excellent damping effect.

It Provides:

Excellent seal compatibility

Low pour point

High load carrying capacity

Shock Absorber & Front Fork Oil