Radiator Coolant

Antifreeze and coolants play a very important role in maintaining maximum engine performance. The life of modern high-performance engines can be severely affected by not using the right antifreeze/coolant and not maintaining the correct levels in the cooling system.

Coolant, or antifreeze, is generally a mixture of a form of glycol and water. The glycol represents the antifreeze element of the mix, guaranteeing that the fluid doesn’t turn into ice under harsh winter conditions or reaching the boiling point in extreme heat. It keeps engine temperatures stable under all climate extremes and driving conditions.

SPEL coolant includes additional additives that prevent rust and corrosion in the radiator, engine and vehicle’s heater.

SPEL KUL HD maintains optimum radiator temperature even under the most extreme conditions. A highly effective, high boiling point non-evaporating, heavy duty coolant to provide full protection against rust, corrosion and oxidizing. Under cold temperatures, it prevents freezing of water and in extremely hot environment, it prevents evaporation loss of water thereby maximizing the cooling efficiency. It is non-corrosive and keeps the water channels clean and free from deposits maintaining effective heat transfer. It meets BIS: 5759 of 1970, SAE J 1034 of 1988 & JIS-K 2234 of 1987 specifications. It may be used neat or diluted with distilled water for Industrial cooling and heat transfer application such as in Radiators, Boilers, Chilling Plants, Cooling Towers etc. It is an excellent coolant for Automobiles, Trucks and Diesel Generators.

SPEL KUL Radiator Coolant is a premium quality synthetic radiator coolant which is free from amines, borates, silicates and phosphates. Radiator Coolant is easily miscible with water and possesses excellent hard water stability. Radiator Coolant has good chemical stability and protects non-metallic components of engine radiator coolant, like gaskets and hoses. It exhibits high boiling point and low freezing point to take care of summer and winter.

SPEL KUL HD/WG Radiator Coolant is recommended for use in mobile and stationary automotive engines having closed loop radiator coolant circulation systems

USAGE: It is available in different grades for varying concentration with demineralised water. Can be used in a ratio of one part to seven parts as well

PERFORMANCE SPEICIFICATIONS: It meets BIS: 5759 of 1970, SAE J 1034 of 1988 & JIS-K 2234 of 1987 specifications.