Lithium Complex Grease

SPEL Lithium Complex Grease Litholoex Duramax is the most premium quality light colour Lithium Complex grease formulated with carefully selected additives like Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor, Anti-Oxidant & Anti Wear agents using superior quality HVI Oils, specially designed to provide excellent Mechanical, Structural, Oxidation & Thermal stability to extend Relubrication cycle.

  • It delivers best in market performance of 1 Lakh Kilometres.
  • Non ageing and highly resistant to cold and hot water, heat, dust, rust, corrosion and oxidation.
  • Long Life Lubrication with minimum wear and very low coefficient of friction, good adhesion property & resistance to oil separation under severe pressure.


It exceeds the requirements of BIS: 12203: 1993 specification.


Recommended for all types of Automotive Vehicles, Construction Equipments, Anti-Friction Ball & Roller Bearings operating under higher temperature, high speed Bearings, Centralized Lubrication systems, Kilns, High Speed Electric Motors, Clutch Release Bearings, Water Pumps & Universal Joints.