Molybdenum Grease

SPEL Lithium Complex Molybdenum grease is a modified lithium grease, compounded with Moly Gel, formulated with carefully selected additives like Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor, Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Wear agents using superior quality HVI Oils, specially designed to provide excellent Mechanical, Structural, Oxidation & Thermal stability to extend Relubrication cycle.

This grease is the most versatile premium grade multi-functional grease offering which is effective for lubrication of all Types of Bearings at high temperature & high speeds, it has excellent Anti Wear & Load Carrying properties, it provides lubrication under extreme conditions of temperature, extreme pressure, shock loads, It provides trouble free, cost effective Long Life Lubrication with very low coefficient of friction, good adhesion property & resistance to oil separation under severe pressure.


SPEL Litholex Molithium Grease a Long-Life Grease exceeds 50000 Km & more of change period, it can also be used in High Speed Bearing up to 25000 RPM because of its superior Mechanical Structural & Thermal stability.

PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: It exceeds the requirements of BIS: 12203: 1993 specification.

APPLICATIONS: Recommended for all types of Automotive Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Earth Moving Machinery, Anti-Friction Ball & Roller Bearings under higher temperature, high speed Bearings, Centralized Lubrication systems, Kilns, High Speed Electric Motors, Clutch Release Bearings, Water Pumps & Universal Joints.