Wheel Bearing Grease

SPEL Wheel Bearing Grease is a dark brown colour Sodium soap base, high melting, and fibrous Grease having excellent shear stability which is maintained for long time in service. Its adhesive property makes it suitable for Automotive Wheel Bearings, Universal Joints, Clutch Release, Fan Bearings and all types of automotive application not exposed to water. It meets BIS 10647 – 1993 specification.

SPEL WHEEL BEARING GREASE is manufactured from superior quality base stocks and specially selected additives. This Grease has a high drop point, good thermal and structural stability and provides long service life under most extreme conditions of operation.

PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: It meets BIS 10647 – 1993 specification.

APPLICATIONS: SPEL WHEEL BEARING GREASE is recommended for the lubrication and protection of wheel bearings, universal joints, clutch release, fan bearings & other similar types of components of light and heavy vehicles which do not come in contact with moisture/water.