Calcium Complex Okaf Grease

SPEL Calcium Complex Grease Okaf Calicom is a calcium complex soap thickened mineral grease with high resistance to oxidation. Contains antioxidant additives package to secure high efficiency under high temperatures.

SPEL Calcium Complex grease Okaf Calicom has good mechanical stability, low temperature pumpability-some will even have good reversibility characteristics and will operate at temperatures which are moderately high. Its dropping point is significantly higher than the dropping point of corresponding soap greases.


SPEL Calcium Complex Grease Okaf Calicom Grease Calcium is a premium quality calcium soap thickened greases produced from low volatile high viscosity index mineral oils, superior fats/fatty acids and a synergistic blend of additives and performance boosters. Does not contain graphite solids.


Grease Calcium Complex XL is intended for the lubrication of roll mills bearings and in general for heavy loaded mechanisms operated under temperatures and water action.

Grease Calcium is as protection for chassis and other applications such as commercial and agricultural vehicles and heavy duty equipment. Used in wheel bearings and pumps operating at moderate temperatures and Mechanisms at temperatures in rubber, aluminium, cement industries. Steel industry


  • Excellent water resistance
  • Tacky and adhesive
  • Multipurpose grease