Molithium Grease

SPEL Moly Grease Molithium Grease is a high-performance lithium grease formulated with mineral base oil added with molybdenum disulphide to enhance its performance and improve its protection for heavy (shock) load applications. SPEL Moly Grease is manufactured from selected base oils, additives and Molybdenum Disulphide as solid lubricant, for excellent load withstanding & shear stability. Property to extend the re-lubrication interval of bearing at least 3 times in severe working conditions.

SPEL Moly Grease Molithium Grease is mechanically very stable and, due to its smooth consistency, is easily pumpable. The special formulation provides extra water resistance, shock absorption, wear and friction control.

Meets the requirements of IS:508-1987(RA 2004) specification for Grade 1

Recommended for all types of high load application like heavy duty ball and roller bearings of cold & hot rolling mills, EOT crane wheel bearings, RTG Cranes wheel bearings, Gear couplings, Torpedo wheel bearings in steel industry, cement mills, etc.