Red Gel Grease

SPEL Ultra Gel Grease is the latest development in Grease Industry. A very high shear stable grease offering long re-greasing intervals in high speed bearings, offers very high dropping point. Red Gel resists oxidation for longer time at high temperature, it lubricates satisfactorily at temperature up to 230 ⁰C and will not melt or soften appreciably even at higher temperature, very little change in consistency in vide temperature range because of high gelling efficiency, very less chance for oil separation compared to conventional grease.

SPEL Red Gel Grease Ultra Red Gel is recommended for lubrication of Plain and Anti-friction bearings and Machine elements at high temperature under shock loads. It can also be recommended in Valves, Universal Joints, Electric Motor Bearings, Wheel Bearings, Heavy Equipment, Heavy Industrial Machineries operating under vide temperature range.