Machine Tool Lubricant Oil

Performance Standards for Machine Tool Lubricant Oil:

DIN 51524, DIN 51517, FZG12 and US Steel 224.

These grades have been formulated to impart special frictional characteristics that overcome the stickslip motion, usually associated with slow moving machine parts. They are also fortified with EP and rust preventive properties.

Recommended for slide way lubrication of planer, grinder, horizontal boring machines, shapers, jig borers etc. Involving high precision work & recommended for lubrication of gears by oil scan. Performance level – It meets Cincinnati Machine P-47, P-50, and P-53 way oil specifications, GM LS- 2.

WAYSPEL 68, 220 Slideway Lubricant

SPEL slideway oils are designed with emphasis on superior stick-slip for trouble-free lubrication of slideways of industrial machines like lathes, grinding machines, milling machines and cutting machines. They provide excellent adhesive and friction properties to prevent stick-slip and to ensure smooth movement. Protects against wear, tear, rust, corrosion, stick slip, micro welding and seizures.

SPEL Slideway oils have low static and dynamic friction coefficients, good compatibility with neat cutting oils, good compatibility with cutting fluids (chemical compatibility with water-based cutting fluids), good demulsibility with emulsions, no slideway gumming, avoidance of stick-slip.