Open Gear Cardium Compound

For Grinding, pulverizing, breaking, large open gears can take a beating on a daily basis. They face challenging working conditions like extended service operation, presence of dust, silica, water, extreme heat and extreme pressures. Collaborating with machine manufacturers, SPEL has developed high performance open gear lubricants that ensure unrivalled wear protection for gear drives. Developed with high quality base oils, SPEL’s COAT range of open gear lubricants ensure extended re-lubrication interval by withstanding extreme loads for longer duration. Advanced range of high viscous service lubricant that is devoid of solid lubricants and can be applied by spraying or dipping systems.

SPEL COAT series are Heavy-Metal Free, extremely adhesive and form pressure resistant film that do not harden or break.


SPEL COAT 50, 85, 110, 120, 140, 190

These are bituminous base open gear compounds heavy viscous, adhesive type black petroleum products fortified with special tackiness agent which reduces oil consumption. A special film strength additive ensures that they all have pronounced stringiness and excellent film strength to with stand high pressure encountered in heavily loaded open gears. They also possess good rust preventive properties and have ability to stay in place and provide long lasting protection to ropes and open gears.

APPLICATION: SPEL COAT range of open gear lubricants are recommended for systems at Ball, Rod, Breaker and SAG mills, Rotary Kilns and Coolers, Hydraulic and Bucket wheel excavators and Draglines, Cranes, Crushers, Stacker & Excavators equipped with central or spray lubricating system. Re-claimer systems, Cranes, Hoists, Winches, Drags and, Spreaders and Ladles and Dryers etc. Suitable as noise dampening grease in two-wheeler starter motor mechanisms. It also finds its application in heavily loaded couplings, journal bearing lubrication in forging presses, slew ring gears of converters.