Wire Rope Lubricant

Heavy duty wire ropes of cranes operate in environments that are dusty and humid. The ropes are subjected to intense pressure during operation with the strands experiencing severe internal friction. Wire ropes on cranes operating in ports and marine applications are exposed to saline water and corrosive environments as well. Because most wire ropes fail from the inside, it is critical to ensure the centre core receives sufficient lubricant.


SPEL offers several penetrating and coating type wire rope lubricants to suit your specific needs. SPEL’s range for wire rope, chain & cable possess excellent corrosion protection properties and provide long term lubrication for wire ropes that are subjected to high loads and stress. These adhesive lubricant resist water washouts and have excellent creeping-in properties ensuring effective lubrication to every strand of the wire rope.

SPEL Wire Rope Lubricant contains no acids or alkalis, possesses the adhesive strength to stay on the rope, can penetrate between wires and strands, has high fluid film strength, resists oxidation and remains pliable. It is important to remember that most wire ropes fail from the inside out.


SPEL Rope Lube 00 is semi-fluid, tacky lube specially design for lubrication of wire ropes under varying service conditions. It contains a performance enhancing additive combination to offer protection of wire strands against friction, wear, and corrosion protection of wire ropes which continuously exposed to atmosphere.

SPEL Rope Lube provides the following benefits:

It’s a highly water resistant, hence provides excellent corrosion/rust protection characteristics. It does not sag out of the surfaces, adheres well on surface of the wire ropes and resists throw-off during the service of the wire rope to offer extended protection. Its semi-fluid nature makes it easy to apply on the wire rope by brush. Operating temperature range is – 10 °C to + 80 °C.

Applications: SPEL WRL wire rope lubricant is recommended for lubrication of wire ropes of cranes in ports, steel and process industry. Also suitable for open gears, winches, screws, hinges, cylinder guides that are exposed to water and corrosive environment. Elevators, shovels, drilling rigs, suspension bridges and draglines are some of the many applications that use wire rope, chain or cable to perform work such as pulling, dragging or hoisting.

It is also suitable for the Auto Tensioning Devices used in OHE of Indian Railways.


Wire ropes contain numerous moving parts which require lubrication. Each time the rope bends or flexes, the internal strands rub together. Whitmore’s Wire Rope Lubricant coats these strands to prevent friction and wear. This results in longer wire rope life, less downtime for rope changes and more production.

SPEL’s WRL 400 Wire Rope Lubricant is a semi fluid dressing that quickly penetrates to the core. This ensures that the rope is lubricated throughout while providing a non-drying, non-tacky film on the outside of the rope which protects outer strands from corrosion as well as lubricating the wire rope drums and sheaves.

APPLICATION: SPEL’s Wire Rope Lubricant WRL 400 can be used to lubricate all sizes of wire rope as well as chains, leaf springs and other applications where a penetrating oil is needed. It may also be applied in marine conditions of cranes, ships by hand or automatic lubrication system.