Broaching Oils

When machining metal parts to perfection, having the proper tools is only a piece of the process. You must also equip your honing machinery with the proper honing oil in order to achieve optimal results.

Honing oils are lubricants used to assist in the honing process. SPEL Honing solutions help protect the abrasive tools in honing machines as well as remove debris to ensure accuracy. SPEL Honing oil is available in different solutions and has various levels of viscosity depending upon the individual’s needs.

SPEL’s premier line of honing oils will produce the lowest overall honing cost per part. Your investment in top-quality cost-effective honing oils, saturated with surface active agents, provides the extreme lubricity that allows you to use higher honing pressure and harder abrasives for faster, more profitable cutting rates.


Broaching is among the most severe machining operations. The cutting fluid used for broaching should have maximum anti-weld and extreme pressure properties in order to ensure high accuracy and finish of the job. SPEL Broaching Oils will provide prolonged life of broaches at the same time being a very cost effective solution.


This is a low viscosity Neat Honing / Cutting Oil that is used to impart excellent surface finish on machining of hardened Steels & Nickel alloys, can also be used in super finishing applications utilising stones rather than tapes, also suitable for honing non-ferrous metals with Ceramic or Bakelite bonded Carborundum or Silicone carbide stone as well as metal bond Diamond stones.


SPEL Broaching Oil Broach 11 is a blend of specially selected light bodied base oils and additives which helps it withstand extreme loads encountered in broaching operations. The oil is specially blended to ensure enhanced cooling to obtain smooth polished surfaces. It has been formulated after extensive trials at customers plant. Its higher Viscosity & Flash Point enhances its load carrying ability making it suitable for other machining operations as well.