Neat Cutting Oils

SPEL Neat Cutting Oils are ready-to-use oils formulated with a unique blend of lubricants and additives to make it the ideal choice for machining, tapping, boring and thread cutting operations. It readily clings to the cutting bit to provide excellent residual lubrication and rapid heat removal, extending the working life of tools and equipment. SPEL Neat Cutting Oils provide better work piece visibility and protects against rust. They are used for drilling, cutting, machining tools, milling, boring, grinding, trapping, threading, sawing, high-carbon steels, stainless steel & hard alloy. This extends tool life and improves productivity, Promotes residual lubrication, cleaner cuts, smoother finishes and Cooler tool temperatures.

All these parameters have been instrumental in enabling SPEL Neat Cutting Oils replace higher priced brands in the market and setting new performance benchmarks in the industry for savings combined with performance.



This is neat Cutting Oil blended from high VI oils and contains chlorinated EP additive. It can be used for machining operations covering wide range. It gives good surface finish and tool wear is reduced to minimum. It can be recommended for use in Automobile, Bearing and Watch industries for Honing, Lapping and Super Finishing operations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Performance Standards: SPEL CUT NT 23 BIS: 3065-1990 specifications Type 2 grade II.

SPEL Hard Cut EL

This is a chlorine free low viscosity neat cutting oil formulated to meet the requirements of genral purpose cutting applications and specially suitable for precision applications.

This oil is fortified with a combination of anti-wear and extreme pressure additives that help meet requirements of high load application and simultaneously enhancing tool life.

APPLICATIONS: Its low viscosity ensures easy pumpability and is particularly suited for screw machine, high speed machine, tuning machine and applications like gun drilling, deep hole drilling, tapping, thread milling applications.

TRIMSPEL 14, 15, 16, 18

TRIMSPEL Neat Cutting Oils is an oiliness type straight cutting oils. Blend of refined mineral oils and additives improve wetting characteristics. These oils are of non-staining type. These oils are suitable for machining nonferrous metals and light machining and free cutting of steels. Trimspel Neat Cutting Oils 14 & 15 are light coloured low viscosity oils recommended for machining of all metals except titanium. These oils are specially designed for honing applications. Trimspel Neat Cutting Oils 16 & 18 have higher viscosity and superior wettability. Trimspel Neat Cutting Oil 18 is acceptable for drawing of non-ferrous rods and tubing as well.

Performance Standard: It meets IS 3065 type 1 grade 2