Metal Rolling Oils

Rolling of metals is a process by which the thickness of the metal is reduced to the desired level by means of rotating rolls in a mill. The technique of metal rolling largely depends up on the materials processed, equipment used and the operating conditions which also necessitate the use of the wide range of rolling fluids with properties varying according to the type of the metal and the condition of rolling.


SPEL Cold Rolling Oils Lubricants are specialty lubricants designed for the cold reduction of steel sheet sold to the container, automotive, and appliance industries; contain full synthetics, semi-synthetics and fully natural products with lubricant delivery systems that include non-ionic, anionic, cationic, amphoteric and polymeric technologies. Used to effectively reduce a multitude of steel alloys to the gauge and shape required.


This is especially suited for use in Sendzimir mills for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In these mills MET ROL 40 also acts as the lubricant for the precision roll support bearing. It has good corrosion protection characteristics.


This is a compounded Roll Oil which is non-staining and provides excellent performance in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is particularly useful for cold rolling of Carbon and Alloy Steel, Brass and Copper.


This is Premium quality Rolling Oil manufactured from highly solvent refined mineral oil fortified with suitable additives. It is used for cold rolling of Copper and Copper alloys such as Brass and German silver. This oil is recommended in all types of mills including multi-roller mills like Sendzimir and Sundwig. It is also used for mill bearing lubrication.


This oil is a premium quality Rolling Oil blended from finest quality refined mineral oil and selected additives for use in rolling sheets and sections. The oil possesses excellent chemical, thermal and oxidation stability making it suitable for all severe rolling conditions of operation. In addition, it has excellent dispersion ability for uniform roll pass lubrication along with good anti-wear and plate out characteristics. It’s most beneficial in reduction of rolling mill power, increase in roll life, and proved quality of surface finish.

SPEL Aluminium Rolling Oil 80, 110

Aluminium Rolling Oil 80 & 110 are recommended for cold rolling of aluminium sheets, strip or foils. SPEL Aluminium Rolling Oil 80 & 110 are premium quality, low viscosity mineral oil specially developed for cold rolling oil operation of aluminium sheets. Its salient feature is the small boiling ranges and high IBP that reduces the rate of evaporation which brings down the consumption of oil considerably