Quenching Oils

The term Quenching normally refers to the controlled cooling of steel components in a fluid to give specified properties. The hardness and the other physical properties obtained depend upon the composition of the steel, dimension of the component, time and temperature of the heat treatment and the speed and duration of the quenching process.


A number of quenching mediums such as molten salts, brine solutions and synthetic oils can be used, but petroleum based quenching media find the widest application as they are easier to control and give uniform hardness, suitable for large scale automation, are non- corrosive and non-toxic.


This SPEL Quenching Oil is used for general purpose fast Quenching applications. Containing special types of additives give accelerated quenching properties to the oil, good Oxidation and Thermal stability, high fluidity and low volatility.

It meets BIS: 2664-1987 specifications recommended for quenching high speed Tools, Ball Bearings, Nuts and Bolts.


This is a specially formulated Quenching Oil blended from supreme quality base stocks and high-quality fatty oil, with excellent wetting characteristics and has a higher quenching speed. It is recommended for general purpose quenching operation, not suitable for quenching of cyanided parts.

It meets requirement of BIS: 2664 – 1987 compounded type specification.


This is a versatile high molecular weight polymer quenchant which is recommended for massive hardening of carbon steels, ferrous forging, casting, stamping of ferrous alloys and similar surface hardening operations. It can be used for a wide range of aluminium alloys such as 2024, 6061, 7075.

The rate of quench offered by SPEL WS POLYQUENCH is intermediate between that of mineral oil and water based quenchants and can be varied by altering the concentration. QUENCHING POLYMER by SPEL eliminates the risk of fire and smoke and also requires no cleaning as the polymer is removed by thermal decomposition.