Rust Preventive Oils

Rust and Corrosion are factors of major economic importance costing industry and consumers abnormal expenses. This unwanted expenditure can be curtailed / eliminated markedly through the use of petroleum-based temporary Rust and Corrosion Preventives. Various protective measures like alloying, plating, painting etc. are used by the Engineering Industry to prevent metals from the effects of Corrosion. While the measures indicated above are of a permanent / semi-permanent nature, petroleum-based Rust Preventives find wide application for temporary corrosion protection during storage and transportation.


SPEL manufactures rust preventive oils & solutions to protect metals from rust and corrosion. These solutions include water-based, solvent-based, and oil-based formulas for short-term or long-term protection. Products include corrosion inhibitors for in-process protection as well as for the protection of parts in storage and shipping.


3 in 1 solution for Degreasing, De-rusting and Phosphating.

This is a versatile solution formulated to remove light grease, oil, mill scale, rust from iron and steel surfaces. It converts the surface to a complex iron phosphate compound which is totally passive to oxidation. The treated articles can be oiled or painted directly for further rust resistance. Application process is simple in operation and doesn’t need any laboratory control. It can be applied either by wiping or by dipping the articles in the solution.

APPLICATION: Mix one part of RUSTO SPEL 301 with 3 to 4 parts of water. Immerse the parts for 15 to 20 minutes or more depending on the amount of rust and oils present. Remove the de-rusted parts and allow them to dry up. If any grey powder is observed clean it by dry clean cloth. The de-rusting can be accelerated by heating the bath to 50-60 C. Heating is also recommended when uniform de-rusting and coating is required at accelerated speed.

RUSTOSPEL SDW 173, 184, 274

These are superior quality Rust Preventive Oils specially designed for protecting all types of Bearings as well as metal sheets and components for extended duration. It can be used for inter process treatment as well as for application on precision parts. They consist of film forming ingredients, rust inhibitors and water displacing additives in solvent. On evaporation of the solvent, thin, soft film is obtained.

Due to its excellent water displacement characteristics, the surface of the metal is protected even with the traces of moisture and due to its higher reserve alkalinity protects the metal from salty as well as acid fumes that may be present in the environment for longer period. These products can further be diluted with mineral turpentine oil to cut the cost when used for inter process or mild treatments. The product can be applied by spray or cold dip method.


This is a non-solvent type protective Rust Preventing Oil of low viscosity with oil soluble Corrosion Inhibitor. It can be applied easily by dipping or spraying. The oil coat can be removed by suitable solvent. It is recommended for Steel Sheets, Strips, and Metal Components for short term storage indoor or outdoor as well.


Instant Solid Dry Type Rust Preventive with medium term prevention from corrosion. Also prevents corrosion from rusting, water & contamination. Ideally used for inland transportation and storage and with long term sea worthy protection from corrosion during exports. This product prevents various metals from rust and corrosion. This range is applicable for various industries, where metals are being used. It can be applied by brush or by dip method. Can be removed by rubbing solvents.