Synthetic Cutting Oils

SPEL Synthetic Cutting Oil includes a range of Semi-Synthetic as well Fully synthetic cutting fluids designed to enhance component quality, increase productivity and reduce process costs. SPEL Synthetic Cutting Oils are formulated to deliver extremely high cutting and grinding efficiencies for high speed processes. They reduce biocide use, extend tool life and ensure a quality surface finish.

Semi-Synthetic Cutting Oils Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluids:

SPEL Semi Synthetic Cutting fluids:

They are basically a combination of the soluble oils and synthetic fluids. Besides, the heat transfer performance and cost of the semi-synthetic fluids falls between those of the soluble and synthetic fluids. Therefore, if you would like to benefit from the properties and functions of the soluble and synthetic oils, you can try a semi-synthetic fluid.


Whereas SPEL Fully Synthetic Fluids:

They do not contain mineral oil base or petroleum. Instead, they’re formulated from the alkaline organic and inorganic compounds alongside additives to prevent corrosion. They function well in their diluted form. Of all the varieties of cutting fluids, synthetic fluids offer the best cooling performance.

SPEL KUL 70 Fully Synthetic Cutting Oil

SPEL KUL 70 gives a translucent type of emulsion with water and it has an added advantage of clear visibility during machining. It has rust inhibitor to provide protection against rust and corrosion. Application of SPEL KUL 70 provides excellent cooling and lubrication to expensive tools ensuring long tool life and
excellent surface finish.

Usage: SPEL KUL 70 should be used in concentration of 3 – 5 % for all the machining operation. For specific use, concentration may very depend upon the machining required.

SPEL KUL 100, 101, 102 Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluid

SPEL KUL Synthetic Cutting Oil is a Fully synthetic cutting fluid consisting of carefully selected rust preventive additives and other performance improvers, supplied in solution form. Its recommended concentration is in the ratio of 2-4% in water. The resultant solution provides exceptional anti-rust & cooling properties when used in grinding and other high-speed machining operations. It is highly resistant to bacterial attack and provides long life in use.

SPEL Cut SS 900 Semi Synthetic Cutting Oil

SPEL CUT SS 900 is a novel semi synthetic fluid, which meets all needs and expectations of modern machining. This semi synthetic fluid has very good flushing and cooling properties, which renders it suitable for operations like Grinding, Drilling, Milling, Turning and Tapping on CNC and lathes. It gives best visibility of the object in operation due to its translucent emulsion. Good flushing properties of chip carrying gives mirror finish to the objects. EP additives and biocides/fungicides give the cooling fluid better sump life. It contains no sulphur or chlorine additive making it user friendly in nature.

SPEL CUT SS 1000 VI Semi-Synthetic Cutting Oil

SPELCUT SS 1000 VI is a premium grade Long Life semi synthetic translucent cutting oil combined with finest quality of lubricity, EP, corrosion inhibitor additives & anti-bacterial biocide that offers optimum result in grinding, drilling, cutting, forming and reaming applications. It is suitable for cast iron and ferrous based materials, including stainless steels, due to remarkable rust & corrosion properties the rusting hazards associated with soluble media cutting oils is completely eliminated.

SPEL CUT SS 1000 VI possess inherently low foaming technology that provides longer sump life, gives better tool life & is suitable for both soft and hard waters. To obtain best results, the machine circulating system should be free from any fatty or chemical residues.

SPEL CUT SS 4890 Semi-Synthetic Cutting Oil

Specially formulated Semi Synthetic Cutting / Grinding Oil for ferrous & non-ferrous metals SPEL CUT SS 4890 is formulated to give best possible results in cutting, grinding, tapping etc. suitable for all type of metals. Due to its remarkable Rust & Corrosion properties the rusting hazards associated with soluble media cutting oils are completely eliminated, also it is free from sulphur & chlorine making it eco-friendly in nature. Fortified with finest quality of anti-bacterial Biocide & Fungicide, SPEL CUT SS 4890 gives a stable emulsion that ensures better tool life & helps clean machines

APPLICATIONS: Ideal choice for use in boring, drilling, turning & milling operations where the wheel grains must cut with no trace of burnishing, also suitable for precision lathes work on high speed machines where there is an alternating requirement for production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.