Wire Drawing Oils

SPEL Manufactures copper wire drawing lubricants, aluminium wire drawing lubricants & tube drawing lubricants. It’s a very important segment of the metal working industry is metal forming. In this process the metal, instead of being cut or machined, is forced drawn to acquire the desired dimensions by the use of the suitable mechanical equipment. Metal forming process includes operations like pressing, stamping, deep drawing, wire drawing, tube drawing and forging. During these operations considerable amount of heat and stress are generated. SPEL DRAW grades are tailor made to satisfy the various requirements included in metal drawing / forging operations.


SPEL has developed a range of Metal Forming Fluids also known as Wire Drawing Fluids for forging processes, tube drawing processes and wire drawing processes as well as deep drawing processes. Knowledge of distribution of contact stresses and friction coefficients over the die surface is critical in formulating the right lubricant that has perform under demanding conditions.

BECHEM is a leading worldwide producer of high-performance special forming fluids and release agents for various forming processes. Apart from high quality wire drawing fluids, BECHEM also develops forming fluids for forging process, tube drawing process as well deep drawing and punching processes.


It is a stable, non-staining, mineral oils blended with fatty oils to improve wetting characteristics. It has good cooling ability and is recommended for use in Aluminium wire drawing operation. Collaborating with end users’ machine and tool manufacturers, SPEL DRAW 15 is the next generation metal working fluid providing extreme surface pressures and specific frictional forces that are critical aspects that effect tool and work piece in a metal forming process.


It is non-staining, water-soluble cream coloured paste for “dry on” or emulsion application. It is manufactured with specially balanced mixture of soaps and fat. It is especially suitable for use as an effective coolant in wire drawing operations. The recommended dilution ratio with water is between 1 to 5 % depending upon the gauge of wire to be drawn. It is also found useful in deep drawing of automotive bodies and metal sheets.


SPEL DD 190 is a specially developed heavy-duty metal forming lubricant that is thermally and oxidatively stable, for use in most severe metal forming operations including cold heading, back extrusion, pressing, stamping, deep drawing, wire drawing, forging, tube & bar drawing. SPEL DEEP DRAWING LUBRICANT is intended for use in steels & stainless steels. Special type of EP Additives, corrosion inhibitors ensure excellent seizure prevention & hence reduce wear of punches & dies, instead of being cut or machined.

SPEL DEEP DRAWING COMPOUND DD 190 protect parts surface from corrosion. Gives better drawing operations, minimize oil mist, provides better resistance against heat & stress generations.

SPEL WDP 22 Wire Drawing Powder

SPEL Wire Drawing Powder is a high-performance wire drawing lubricant with calcium based formulation containing coated pigments and EP Additives. SPEL WIRE DRAWING LUBRICANT appears as off-white granular powder which is insoluble in water.

APPLICATION: It is used for cold drawing of mild steel and medium carbon steel wires from 12 SWG to 22 SWG.