Electric Vehicle Lubricants

Electric Vehicles & Hybrid Cars lubricants – new technology calls for new lubrication.

The SPEL EVEE range includes EV fluids, Brake Fluids & Greases that are specifically designed to meet a broad range of performance requirements that ultra-modern electrified and hybrid vehicles require.

The automobile industry is changing at a rapid pace with the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles. Our history of serving the lubricant industry for more than 50 years has enabled us to be dynamic and always develop newer products for newer technologies.


SPEL EVEE Fluids are one of the first in the market that respond to the specific requirements of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles and developed a range of lubricants for electric vehicles. SPEL EVEE fluid will be developed to extend the battery lives of Electric and hybrid vehicles. Advanced technology to reduce their lifecycle emissions. Their extra-low viscosity properties mean they will have outstanding protection and anti-wear properties which will increase the overall vehicle’s efficiency significantly.

EVEE Fluids are scientifically engineered to possess:

Anti-Wear Properties and Anti-Friction properties

Dielectric properties

Thermal Stability properties.

EVEE Brake Fluid: Brake Fluid for Electric Vehicles

Blend of superior quality synthetic fluid and carefully selected additives that provide high performance meant for the hydraulic brakes of Electric Vehicles. Meets US Dept. of Transportation’s stringent specification FMVSS 116 DoT 4.

SPECIFICATIONS: Exceeds BIS: 8654 – 2001 (Type 2) & SAE J1703 F specifications

EVEE Grease: Grease for Electric Vehicles

SPEL EVEE GREASE is a soap complex based Extreme Pressure EP Grease developed for wheel bearing hub assembly in Heavy Commercial Electric Vehicles and Electric Buses. Fortified with specially selected base oils and top of the line additives to provide excellent shear ability, thermal and oxidation stability, resistance to water washout.

EVEE POLUR Grease: Polyurea Grease for Electric Vehicles

Polyurea greases are known for inherent high resistance to oxidation. EVEE POLUR is a premium, multi-purpose, long life polyurea thickened grease that is recommended for bearings of electric motors, rolling elements in conditions where high temperatures and heavy load prevail. This grease has excellent resistance to water washout.

EVEE Transpeed: Power Steering Fluid & Transmission Fluid for Electric Vehicles

EVEE Transpeed is a high-quality power transmission fluid developed specially for electric vehicles from highly refined base stocks and carefully selected additives. It provides durability, oxidation resistance, protection for the system components against wear & corrosion, while providing wider temperatures of operations.


EVEE KOOL: Coolant for Electric Vehicles

Having excellent heat transfer properties EVEE KOOL is a phosphate-free, silicate-free, nitrite-free and borate-free, ethylene glycol-based coolant that provides excellent rust and corrosion protection as well as heat transfer properties. It protects the many types of metals found in cooling systems, such as pipes, gaskets, connections, etc.

APPLICATION: To be used in dilution ratio of 50% with water

SPECIFICATIONS: Exceeds JIS K 2234-2006 & BIS 5759-2006