Calcium Grease

SPEL Pale Multi Calcium Grease is a pale-yellow colour Calcium Soap base water resistant adhesive Grease designed for general Chassis lubrication of automotive vehicles including commercial heavy duty Tractors and other equipment. They meet BIS 506; 507 – 1993 specifications for general purpose grease. They can be used for Water Pumps and Wheel Bearings operating at moderate temperature.

SPEL Calcium Grease Pale Multi grease produced from low volatile high viscosity index mineral oils, superior fats/fatty acids and a synergistic blend of additives and performance boosters. SPEL Calcium Grease Pale Multi is water resistant and fortified with tackifier to provide excellent film forming characteristics.

PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: It conforms to BIS: 506, 507 -1993 specifications for automotive greases.