Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Many of today’s industrial refrigeration systems are compression-type systems where cooling is generated based on the evaporation of a refrigerant fluid such as Freon, ammonia, or carbon dioxide (CO2) whose performance is directly related to the lubricant. The interaction with other substances in the refrigeration cycle creates specific demands for the lubricant. Our research and development department are therefore involved in extensive tests with refrigeration oils with all the relevant refrigerants, in order to provide our customers with the suitable refrigeration oil for every requirement.

The long lifetime expectations of refrigerant compressors are closely related to the high-quality requirements of the used lubricants. In addition to the favourable miscibility characteristics with the corresponding refrigerant, good cold flow properties, high aging resistance and high chemical and thermal stability play an important role.


Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oil FREEZ SPEL POEs 32, 46, 68

Freez Spel POEs series are fully Synthetic Polyol Ester based refrigeration compressor oil, for use in severe service conditions that are beyond the capabilities of conventional mineral oils, they exhibit greater chemical stability in the presence of refrigerants and other systems components.

APPLICATION: Specifically formulated for refrigeration and air conditioning compressors using HFC refrigerants like R 134a, R 407C, R 404A, R 23, R 410, R 507.

FREEZ SPEL NB 32, 46, 68

Refrigeration compressor oil formulated from naphthenic base stocks that provides ready solubility in liquified lubricants. NB oils have an additional quality of Low Freon floc Point apart from that it has great chemical stability and resistance to oxidation degradation.

APPLICATION: Recommended for a wide range of rotary as well as reciprocating air compressor and hermetically sealed compressor. Specifically formulated for refrigeration of Non-Hydrofluorocarbon such as R-11, R-12, R-13 B1, R 22, R-113, R-500, R-501, R-502, R-717 (Ammonia-NH3)

They Exceed the performance requirements of Din 51503 KAA, KC, KE & ISO 6743-3: 2003 & L-DRA, L-DRE, L-DRG. Meets BIS:4578-1989

Synthetic Refrigeration Oil FREEZ SPEL SYNTH 32, 46, 68

Fully Synthetic oil designed for use in refrigeration compressors. They are formulated from Synthesized hydrocarbon, which have outstanding resistance to thermal & oxidative degradation. With their naturally high shear stable viscosity index and low temperature fluidity, they are able to perform in severe conditions that are beyond the capabilities of conventional Mineral oils. Their solubility and miscibility with refrigerants is low, resulting in higher film thickness in the presence of refrigerants under pressure and reduced shaft seal leakage.

APPLICATION: Recommended for the lubrication of Refrigeration Compressors operating at very high temperatures, and for systems with very low evaporator temperatures. They are suitable for compressor systems using refrigerants such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and HCFCs such as R-22. They have also enjoyed excellent experience with CFC refrigerants such as R-12.

FREEZ SPEL Semi-Synth 57

A high quality Semi-Synthetic premium refrigeration compressor oil based on synthetic and naphthenic base oil fortified with selective additive package with additional anti-oxidant, corrosion inhibitor, anti-wear additives having low pour point.

APPLICATION: Recommended for use in reciprocating and rotary refrigeration compressors with fluorocarbon refrigerants and hydrocarbon & ammonia in air conditioning applications. It exceed the requirements of the BIS 4578-1989 specification.