Compressor Oil Additives

Designed to provide simplicity to the blender

SPEL Compressor Oil Additive package is an Ashless Air Compressor Additive Package that gives premium thermal & oxidative stability and anti-wear performance. It is designed to provide simplicity to the oil blender. This additive combines Alkylated Naphthalene for improved sludge and deposit control as well as a pour point depressant and an antifoam additive making it a one stop solution.


This package delivers the following benefits to the finished lube:


Extended oil change intervals, reducing servicing costs

Reduced air separator blocking, reducing maintenance

Excellent compatibility with seals, paints and the air line system

Low volatility, leading to low oil carry-over and cleaner operation at lower cost


SPEL Compressor Oil additive is developed for blending premium air compressor oils base stocks, providing performance comparable to oils using PAO. It has been developed to meet the most severe requirements of rotary screw air compressors.