Transmission Oil Additives

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SPEL Universal Tractor Transmission Oil is a versatile lubricating fluid with multiple uses within a tractor, including the transmission, final drive, wet brake, clutch, and hydraulic system. SPEL UTTO products are used to protect transmissions, hydraulic systems, brakes, clutches, pumps and other moving parts on vehicles from tractors and bulldozers to forklifts and other off-road equipment. Because of this wide range of applications, this product is in a lot demand as it reduces the number of lubricants kept in inventory.


However, all these parameters of UTTO transmission oil are met only when the perfect additive package is used in the formulation.

SPEL UTTO Tractor Transmission Oil Additive features:

  • Superior Friction performance for clutches and wet brakes
  • Eliminate screeching noise
  • Excellent shift performance
  • Hydraulic pump durability
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Viscosity modifiers for maximum flexibility

SPEL Tractor transmission oil additive package is the perfect formulation to meet complex requirements of universal tractor transmission oil