Aluminium Complex Grease

SPEL Aluminium Complex grease is specialty aluminium complex grease formulated with extra high viscosity base oil to provide extra protection and adhesiveness. SPEL Aluminium Complex grease has excellent load carrying capacity, good corrosion preventive properties and is easy to apply at low temperatures. Its distinct colour provides easy verification on the applied parts. SPEL Aluminium Complex grease has high dropping points, excellent water resistance and good pump ability depending on the mineral oil used. It responds well to additive treatments which fortifies the grease for high loads.


  • High maximum operating temperature
  • Very good water resistance
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Fair low-temperature pumpability

APPLICATIONS: Applications are typically found in heavy industries, steel mills and food machinery. SPEL Aluminium complex grease Okaf Alcom is widely used in food and beverage processing plants, a food grade grease made with food grade white mineral oil or synthetic hydrocarbon. Aluminium complex greases are applicable in steel mills and mining applications because of their superior water resistance properties and higher temperature thickener.