Graphite Grease

SPEL Graphite Greases are premium quality calcium & lithium soap greases fortified with micronised graphite powdered to give excellent lubrication in sliding friction conditions. SPEL Graphite Greases are highly resistant to water and have good mechanical stability


  • SPEL Graphite Greases are recommended for use in gears, cams and slides operating at temperature ambient to 80°C
  • For use in hydraulic rams, plungers, slides, elevator cables, leaf springs, life guides, pantograph pans, etc
  • SPEL Graphite Greases are highly recommended for flexible couplings in paper mill equipment such as digestors, chip screen, chippers, conveyors etc. where incidental water contact is high

It is available in Calcium based formulations as well as lithium based formulations.


  • Superior load carrying capability
  • Exhibit excellent adhesiveness
  • Excellent mechanical stability