Synthetic High Temprature Grease

SPEL High Temperature Synthetic Grease HT Grease is a supreme performance anti-wear Grease primarily intended for high temperature applications. It is a combination of the unique features of Synthetic base Oil with non-soap thickener. The excellent resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation provided by the base, coupled with the excellent high temperature structural stability and high dropping point of the clay thickener result in an outstanding high temperature greases. The nature of the Synthetic base Oil and its high viscosity index also provide superior low temperature lubrication as well as excellent film protection at high temperatures.


Because of its low traction properties (compared to Mineral Oil) it offers the potential for energy savings through reduced friction and lower torque, and reduced temperatures in the load zone of rolling element bearings.

SPEL SYNTH HTM Grease is modified with Moly Gel for extra wear protection.

SPEL SYNTH HT GREASE Extreme temperature applications with a recommended operating temperature range of -50⁰ C to 200⁰ C (with appropriate relubrication intervals).
SPEL Synthetic High Temperature Grease HT Grease provides excellent Grease life at high temperatures and offer extended relubrication periods and energy savings potential.

This Greases offers excellent high temperature grease life, bearing protection and Grease integrity along with

SPEL High temperature Synthetic Grease is used in numerous high temperature applications, as well as applications where low temperature start-up or running torque are important.

High speed bearings and thrust bearings where a wide temperature range is desired & is particularly suitable for use in electric motor bearings.
SPEL High temperature synthetic HT GREASE does not exhibit any dropping point and hence is ideally suited for lubrication of components under conditions where conventional soap based grease fails to withstand the operating temperatures.