Calcium Sulfonate Grease

SPEL Calcium Sulfonate Grease Okaf CSC is a high performance multi-functional grease designed for protection under the most severe conditions of extreme shock load and resistant to chemical and corrosion attack.

This is a technologically advanced grease, which has been developed by complexing modified calcium sulfonates & is characterized by exceptional thermal & mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying performance, reduced wear, and excellent resistance to water and corrosion, low oil bleed. It is especially effective when used on bearings operating in a warm and wet environment. This technology equals and in many ways out performs other premium high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex, Aluminium Complex and Polyurea.



  • Superior mechanical stability in presence of heat and water.
  • Higher drop point exceeds 300°C
  • Excellent EP and AW inherent properties.
  • Excellent resistance to water washout.

All types of anti-friction bearings, conveyor, fan, heavily loaded ball, high-speed, plain, roller element, forging equipment, machine tools, presses, rolling mills and rotary aerators, use in all manner of moderate to heavy duty industrial applications.

Automotive: ball joints, chassis, front axle arrangements, U-joints, wheel bearings.