Pd Grease

SPEL PD greases are high performance lithium greases, incorporating high dosage of microflux surface improvement additives reacted in highly refined mineral oils. This unique MFT additive technology in SPEL PD Grease provides optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction even under extremes of pressure, vibration, shock loads, at high or low speeds or varying micro-smoothing of the friction surfaces.


Under severe load, components of the MFT additive combination are activated and diffuse into the surfaces initiating an improvement of their friction characteristics through plastic deformation. The organic reaction products become a component of the tribopolymer system. Unlike the case with conventional lubricants, the tribopolymers formed by MFT are long-chained compounds with excellent lubricity and adhesion. The load carrying area is improved, a hydrodynamic lubrication film is easier to maintain. This unique physio-chemical reaction achieves a non-sacrificial micro-smoothing of the friction surfaces.

SPEL PD Grease can be used for long term or lifetime lubrication even under the most difficult operating conditions such as extreme pressure, vibrations, shock loads and a wide temperature range in highly loaded rolling and sliding bearings.

SPEL PD greases are designed as multifunctional extreme pressure greases for prevention of wear. SPELPD greases can be used in plain and antifriction bearings mainly for high speed applications.

They can also be used in bearings of spinning and grinding spindles, for gear motors exposed to shock loads, in screening/wood shaping machines and for bearing surfaces of printing plates.